Frequently Asked Questions

We're sure you've got some questions and this section aims to answer the most commonly asked queries we receive.

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How does Champions of the Bush operate? 

The organisation is funded by the contributions of private businesses which pay an annual membership fee. Members are united in the bond of helping to build a better future for country people. 
While the organisation is privately funded by the subscriptions of members, it does seek financial support from governments to assist with various projects, such as the successful Regional Executive Forum and Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award Night.

Champions of the Bush employs an Executive Officer to provide secretarial and administrative support.

What are you trying to achieve? 

Each member undoubtedly has his or her own reasons for joining Champions of the Bush but at the core of our organisation is a desire to do some good for country people.

Members are unlikely to derive any direct financial benefit for themselves or their companies as a result of their involvement in Champions of the Bush. However, they will benefit from helping to secure a sustainable future for country communities. 

A key part of our role is to raise awareness of issues affecting country communities and make sure governments consult with country people before they make decisions. 

We also see an important role for Champions of the Bush in promoting positive solutions to problems that impact on families in country areas. Increasing the capacity of country people to determine their own future will involve encouraging leadership and supporting innovative ideas that can make a real difference. 

Champions of the Bush is keen to dispel the negative images which exist about rural life, and emphasise the many positives of living and working in regional Australia.  These include benefits which flow to the national community as whole as a consequence of more balanced and sustainable development of the whole nation, rather than the metropolitan-centric growth of Sydney and Melbourne.  

Why should I join Champions of the Bush? 

That's a question that only you can answer.

If you or your organisation cares about the future of rural and regional Australia and wants to do something about it, Champions of the Bush may be right for you.

If you've got some good ideas about how we can help regional areas to prosper, Champions of the Bush could be the perfect vehicle to drive those ideas further. 

One of the side benefits of membership is an opportunity to network with some of country Australia's most successful business people. While a large amount of our interaction is carried out electronically, members appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss issues and solutions that are common to all country-based businesses.

Which side of politics does Champions of the Bush support? 

Champions of the Bush is not a party political organisation but we are interested in encouraging all levels of government to develop policies which are good for country people. 

Champions of the Bush is all about getting a fair go for country people. If a government policy is good for the country, we will support it. 

The members of Champions of the Bush are in a unique position to advise governments because they are high achievers in country areas. From direct experience, they know what is required to succeed in the bush and are aiming to pass on that information to decision-makers. 

Champions of the Bush is giving country people a voice to raise issues and encourage governments to do more to build a better future.   

What are some examples of activities you have been involved in? 

Champions of the Bush (COTB) has been active in promoting opportunities for investment in country areas, including opportunities for regional communities to invest in themselves in a secure, long-term manner. 

Our members have been involved in making submissions to government inquiries and we hold meetings with Ministers and Members of Parliament on a regular basis. 

Our Chairman is invited to comment in the media on a range of topics and relevant to the needs of regionally based businesses. 

In pursuing its strategy to protect and promote the interests of regional Australians, COTB has focused on two activities, in particular an annual Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award; the Regional Executive Forums. 

More information about these activities can be found elsewhere on this website.   

What does 'Champions' believe are the biggest issues in country areas?

Different people will highlight different issues but a lot of it comes down to a lack of investment - both from governments and the private sector. Without government investment in infrastructure like roads, bridges and telecommunications, businesses aren't going to set up in the country. 

A lot of the problem starts with raising awareness among decision-makers and improving the image of regional Australia as a great place to live, work and invest. 

As a nation, we have to invest more in providing the types of services country communities need to attract skilled staff and provide future work opportunities for our young people. We are passionate about helping young people to enjoy a prosperous future in regional Australia and strongly support the need for quality education services to overcome many of the skill shortages faced by country communities.

Environmental sustainability - particularly water management - is a key issue for all country areas. Prolonged droughts have added to a growing awareness of the importance of water but COTB is keen to make sure the justifiable needs of rural communities are not forgotten. 

We have also identified leadership as an issue that is central to increasing the capacity of country communities to generate their own prosperity. Champions of the Bush has supported initiatives to encourage more government funding for programs which will develop improved leadership skills among country people.

The range of issues we are prepared to tackle is only limited by the collective thoughts of the membership. If you have a particular issue that you believe could be furthered by Champions of the Bush, feel free to contact our Executive Officer.

Do you really think your group can make a difference? 


Just getting our members together to talk about these issues is helping to make a difference. 

They are all major employers with multi-million dollar turnovers and talking about issues affecting rural communities is the first step to getting some action.
We're doing three very important things - we are raising issues and providing a strong voice for country people, but we are also promoting the great positives of living and working in country areas. 

Increasing the level of understanding among city people, bureaucrats, business leaders and politicians is a positive step towards building a better future for country people.

Champions of the Bush can certainly help to make a difference to the future of country communities. 

We welcome your support and interest in the future of regional Australians.